My diary entries…….

And the answers to the questions in the first diary entry is YES!!!!!!! he definitely knows! its the 6th September 2014 (I haven’t been posting for a while-I’ve been busy) and yesterday I indirectly asked him out. Like, I said: “So,the holidays are coming up and I was wondering if you wanna go out”. and he said: “I don’t want to hurt your feelings, I just dont want to go there,I’m not that type of—I just dont want to go there, I dont want to hurt your feelings”.  WHAT THE F DOES THAT MEAN?!?!?!?!?!?!

like does it mean that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship but he likes me?! or he doesn’t think of me in that way? or what? I understand he just wants to stay friends–I got that but– anyway I didn’t tell anyone I don’t think I will. 




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